The Tower District Marketing Committee

The Tower District Marketing Committee is a nonprofit organization designed to promote and develop commerce, community and the cultural environment in the Tower District. We strive to meet this commitment through special events and planned economic development. Our vision involves and benefits the entire community.

The TDMC is dedicated to enhancing the economic, civic and human vitality of the Tower District. Through positive leadership, advocacy and action, the TDMC and its members support and promote a sound and expanding business environment in our neighborhood.

The TDMC serves its membership by conducting research, supplying information, encouraging planning, providing private sector advocacy, and bringing members together to ensure a higher quality of life for everyone who is employed in, lives in or patronizes the Tower District.

The Tower District Marketing Committee
1295 N. Wishon, Ste. 102
Fresno, CA  93728
(559) 497-8362



The Tower District is more than just Tower businesses. The business hub is immediately surrounded by an incredible array of classic housing types - ranging from granny flats, townhouses, and apartments to craftsmen bungalows and mansions. The residents and business owners have a unified sense of pride and ownership in the entire district that makes The Tower a true neighborhood and one of the safest areas in Fresno.

Our Tower family is as diverse as Fresno itself. White-collar and blue-collar, families and singles, students and retirees, conservative and liberal – all are welcome and all are accepting of each other. After all, we share a common passion – love of The Tower District.